Let's Talk About: Hand Beaded Fabrics!

This week we're shining a spotlight on our exquisite hand beaded fabrics and how they're made.

Hand beaded fabrics are undeniably incredible and are made using hand beading techniques such as aari and tambour. It's fiddly and time-consuming, but it allows specific placement and the use of different size and style beads.
Above: Our beaders working on some fabrics using the aari method.

Let's take a closer look!
Lace 1375 and Lace 1375bd

The most common hand beaded fabrics can be done on Georgette, tulle or a pre-existing pattern like our 1375 lace, seen here with and without beads, to give it an extra special touch! 

Image of Fine Lace (1375) in Rose
Image of Beaded Fine Lace (1375bd) in Rose

Hand beading is a frequently used technique in ateliers to elevate their designs. These gowns are embellished with hand tambour beading. 


Dior beaded gowns: Junon and Venus

Image of Beaded Tulle (K22742) Ivory
 Image of Sequin Georgette (K20209) Rose Gold


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