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Banana Peel Fabric

It is only recently that the world of Western fashion has caught on to the textile potential of the common banana. Banana fibre, also known as musa fibre, is one of the world’s strongest natural fibres. Don't worry this fabric doesn't feel like a mushy banana, instead, it has a natural sheen with a silk-like feel and handle. Fabrics made from banana fibres are soft and supple, as well as breathable.
The process consists of drying the outer and inner banana peel, stripping them down and then spinning them into yarns ready to be made into fabric. Versatile in its use, banana peel fabric is ideal for sampling, shirting, sleepwear, linings, and bridal. 
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Banana Peel Fabric Ivory
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    Banana Peel Fabric Tearose
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      Banana Peel Fabric Grey
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        Banana Peel Fabric Black
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