Make Silk World your go to for retail or wholesale guipure lace. There’s no doubt about it, if you are looking to make a statement then you should choose guipure lace fabric for your next garment. Whether it is intricate guipure lace you need or something a little more loosely woven, we have what you need. In an array of gorgeous colours, our delicate guipure lace fabrics are perfect for overlays or more structured embellishments.

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What is guipure lace fabric? 

Guipure lace fabric is a fantastic modern alternative to the soft silk laces that are synonymous with bridal couture. It is a heavier lace and usually has larger motifs than other laces. If you’re a less than traditional bride or want your bridesmaids in something that stands out from the crowd, then you should consider guipure lace.

Can you order guipure lace fabric wholesale?

Definitely. We are the leading bridal and high end fabric wholesalers and retails online. Set up a trade account and you’ll be able to access our wholesale prices and shipping options. Silk World is proud to be able to service different parts of the world and we have agents in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. If you’re local to Melbourne you can come into our showroom for a better look at what we can offer you in the way of wholesale guipure lace and other beautiful bridal fabrics. 

What can guipure lace be used to make?

As this lace is heavier than a silk lace and holds its structure better it can be used for many applications. Guipure lace fabric is fantastic as an overlay to soften or embellish a plain dress, or can even be made into a sheer garment on its own. Intricate guipure lace is absolutely beautiful and definitely has the wow factor. Often seen on necklines and cuffs on shirts or dresses, this is a versatile fabric that is resilient and adapts well to designs.

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Floral Guipure Lace (1606) Off White
Regular price $98.00 $39.00 per metre
    Linear Guipure Lace (1622) Ivory
    Regular price $96.00 $48.00 per metre
      Fringed Guipure Lace (1596) Ivory
      Regular price $64.00 $25.00 per metre
        Guipure Lace (1636) Ivory
        Regular price $78.00 per metre
          Floral Lace (1638) Ivory
          Regular price $110.00 per metre
            Embroidered Cutwork (1647) Ivory
            Regular price $130.00 $65.00 per metre
              Floral Guipure Lace (1656) Ivory
              Regular price $170.00 per metre

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