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Recycled Poplin

At Silk World we are increasing our selection of natural, sustainable and eco-friendly fabrics. We are keen to source fabrics that are produced in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way and will be launching lots of exciting new ranges in the coming months.
Our recycled polyester (rPET) range has been developed by recycling clear plastic water bottles. By recycling plastic bottles in this way, we divert them from our landfills. The production of recycled polyester efficiently conserves natural resources and reduces the burden on the natural environment while maintaining the quality of a virgin polyester yarn. Our recycled fabrics are environmentally friendly, safe, sustainable and eco-friendly. This recycled range consists of polyester satin, stretch polyester crepe, heavy satin, double georgette and chiffon.

What are Silkworld's sustainable fabrics made from?

Our eco-friendly fabrics are made from recycled PET bottles. PET is a material called polyethylene terephthalate and is most commonly used to make bottles and other plastic products like food packaging etc. Once the plastic bottles are collected, they are processed into a yarn that is almost like the quality of a traditional virgin polyester fabric. 

What are the benefits of using recycled & sustainable fabrics?

Adopting sustainable practices when it comes to making clothing is something that everyone should be doing. With our range of recycled fabrics, you can make the move to becoming more conscious of how your consumption impacts the planet. Silk World’s selection of sustainable fabrics will benefit you and the planet by reusing plastic bottles that would have otherwise been a pollutant in the environment. When a fabric is made from rPET, you are taking plastic items out of landfill and making use of them again with a new life cycle.

Can you order sustainable fabric wholesale?

At Silk World, we pride ourselves on giving our customers an option to become more eco-friendly in their fabric choices. Whether you’re interested in giving your dressmaking business an eco edge or you just care a lot about the environment, you can buy wholesale sustainable fabrics from us. For more information on orders of over 100 meters, get in touch with us for pricing.

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Recycled Polyester Poplin Black
Regular price $30.00 per metre
    Recycled Polyester Poplin Navy
    Regular price $30.00 per metre
      Recycled Polyester Poplin Aspen
      Regular price $30.00 per metre
        Recycled Polyester Poplin Lavender
        Regular price $30.00 per metre
          Recycled Polyester Poplin Rose
          Regular price $30.00 per metre
            Recycled Polyester Poplin Ivory
            Regular price $30.00 per metre

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