Different Types of Couture Fabrics

Different Types of Couture Fabrics
What is Couture Fabric?
Couture fabrics are a type of cloth typically used for constructing high fashion or custom designer outfits. ‘Couture’ refers to how these fabrics are made, usually crafted manually by professional seamstresses. Made from high quality materials that combine different types of fibres, couture fabrics offer a unique texture for your garment. For example, combining silk and cotton produces a delicate and durable material that creates a more sophisticated look. Couture fabrics are exclusive and expensive to acquire, which is why couture pieces are considered limited edition items.

Different Types of Couture Fabrics

With historical significance as a symbol of luxury and high social status, silk is one of the most expensive fabrics in the world. Combined with its durability, soft texture and signature lustre, silk is a popular garment prevalent in the fashion industry. These days, silk is often innovated with technology, resulting in fabrics with special effects such as lamé or silver pleated fabric.

The rarity of cashmere makes it an expensive fabric. The wool fibres of cashmere are made from the wool of Kashmir goats, a native to Mongolia and China. Usually, the finer your fibres, the higher your cashmere’s quality will be. Other things that make cashmere so special are its durability, texture and feel. Cashmere is lightweight enough to make great summer wear, but also warm and comfortable for colder seasons.

A fabric that combines silk, cotton and polyester fibres that are woven together, velvet is known for its smooth and soft texture. The unique appearance and rich colour of velvet make it an ideal choice for crafting glamorous evening dresses.
The delicate and light characteristics of chiffon fabric make them a popular option for creating evening gowns and wedding dresses. The material of chiffon enables designers to express their creativity without compromising comfort for the wearer. The flexibility of chiffon allows it to drape beautifully over any body shape.

Laces are classic and timeless fabrics known for their intricate and delicate patterns. Although laces are traditionally used for creating luxurious clothing or headwear, you can also use laces to add beautiful texture or dimension to any piece of clothing.

Beaded fabrics refer to a base material adorned with beads, which are often sewn onto the material or simply glued on. You can place the beads in different areas of the garment to create beautiful shapes or patterns.

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