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Silken Dreams
What's better than crawling into bed after a long, stressful day? Crawling into bed with the comfiest pyjamas ever! Why not craft yourself a pair o...
Trend Alert: Backless Gowns
Open backs are hot, hot, hot! Backless gowns allow brides to show off a little skin while remaining modest and elegant. Here's some of our favouri...
Silk Weights and Measures
Your guide to underestanding how fabrics and, in particular silks, are weighed and what that figure means.
Different Types of Couture Fabrics
What is Couture Fabric? Couture fabrics are a type of cloth typically used for constructing high fashion or custom designer outfits. ‘Couture’ refe...
Silk: From the Beginning
The speculative discovery of silk and why we, as human beings still adore this fabric.

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