2022 Winter Bridal Trends: A Recap

2022 Winter Bridal Trends: A Recap

As we begin to defrost for the upcoming spring, let's take a look over our favourite bridal trends from this past winter!

First up: Long sleeves and heavier gown fabrics.
Heavier fabrics like Scuba, Zibeline, Faille, or Crepe Satin, then complimented with a stiffer sheer fabric such as Satin Organza were ideal for providing extra warmth while allowing ultimate drama.
Image of Scuba Ivory Image of Zibeline Ivory Image of Faille Powder Image of Satin Organza
A capelet, cape, cloak or shrug was a popular way to shield a blushing bride from the winter breeze.
This winter may have been a little grey and drearier than the last, but pops of colour were the best quick fix to brighten a bride's big day!

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