What Are The Different Types Of Lace Trims?

What Are The Different Types Of Lace Trims?

Choosing the right kind of lace trim for a garment you’re making can be a tough decision. Whether you’re making a piece of clothing for everyday, formal wear or bridal wear, you want to select a lace trim that suits your style. Lace trims are the perfect finishing touch to any elegant outfit. Learn more about the different types so you can make your choice. 


A lace trim is a piece of fabric that is commonly used to embellish garments. It is usually narrow and long, but can be bought in a variety of different widths. Lace trims can have various different types of patterns as well as edges that make them unique. You can find colours such as ivory, cream, black to be the most common for lace, but there are numerous other tones as well. 


You can find various types of lace trims on the market. Here are the most popular choices:


Delicate and feminine, chantilly lace fabric is a popular choice of trim. It is characterised by a scalloped edge and floral design on a thin mesh. Traditionally, black was used for chantilly lace trims and fabric but you can find it in various different colours nowadays. 


Corded lace trims have a floral or bouquet pattern that has either a contrasting or matching cord. They often have raised, textured patterns.


If you’re wanting to make a statement with bold lace trim, embroidered trims can include intricate details such as beading, bugles, diamantes, and gems. 


Made from pure cotton yarn, macramé lace trims have a rustic feel that pair well with bohemian style outfits. 

Guipure (Venise or Venetian)

A bobbin lace that features raised elements in an interconnected design, usually this will be a floral or geometric design. Unlike other lace trims that involve working on a mesh or net fabric, guipure lace is interwoven by its motifs. Guipure lace trims are generally used as a part of skirts, dress trains, or bodices. 


This kind of lace trim has a straight and scalloped edge. Sometimes you can find a thread that goes along the edge used to gather it. 


Ideal for waistbands, tight tops, or lingerie, stretch lace trims are synthetic and have either an all-around or weft-wise stretch due to their elastane contents.


This refers to a metallic coloured lace with embroidery on it.  


Lace trims can be used as a part of: 

  • Bridal wear 
  • Dress hems 
  • Garment sleeves
  • Shawls 
  • Bridal veils
  • Organza bracelets 
  • Sashes 
  • Garters

You can get as creative as you wish and use lace trim to add your own personal touch to an outfit. Whether you want a simple and understated look or a statement piece, you can choose from different types and ways to incorporate lace trims onto your garment. 

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