DIY Silk Projects

DIY Silk Projects


Being confined to the four walls of your home may have you wanting to sew!  These easy DIY projects are a great way to start!

We have chosen to use silk for our projects, as silk is a very versatile fabric. You can make a whole hosts of things, from a beautiful gown to a luxurious pillowcase or even a simple hair scrunchie.
There are a number of benefits of using silk, including-
-It’s hypoallergenic
-Healthy for your hair
 -Great when it’s hot or cold
-Silk is stronger than cotton
-It has dust and mould-resistant qualities
-Looks and feels luxurious


Below we have picked our 3 favourite silk DIY projects that you can do at home.
These three projects only used 1 meter of our sandwash satin in pale blue.
The projects are super easy and some may even help in keeping the kids busy!

Go to our Pinterest and check out our "DIY silk project" board to see how to make these projects and many more!

We have something exciting coming soon!!!
Our very own pillowcase pattern 
Watch out for an email or on our socials for more details soon
Silk Pillowcase
Using our 19mm Sandwash satin 
100% silk 
Time to make: Less than 1 Hour 
Silk Hair Bow
Using our 19mm sandwash satin 
100% silk
Time to make: Less than 30 minutes 

Silk Scunchie
Using our 19mm sandwash satin 
100% Silk 
Less than 30 minutes 

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