The popularity of linen has been growing in the last few years, and rightly so as it is such a beautiful natural fibre to work with. Linen bedding, linen pajamas and plenty of linen clothing is now widely available and totally on trend. With pretty much every colour of the rainbow represented in our collection of linen textiles at Silk World, you will be sure to find something that suits your skin tone and occasion.

What can you use linen fabric for?

One of the best things about pure linen fabric is its versatility. The drape of linen is beautiful and it is known for being one the most comfortable natural fibres you can wear. Soft to the touch, it is a fabric that can be worn by just about anyone without irritation. Cool in summer and warm in winter, this fabric can be used for trousers, shirts and unstructured suiting. When pure linen fabric is fused to a backing fabric it can be manipulated in a way that makes it able to be used in unique types of gowns or heavier styles of coats. If you’re looking at using it for upholstery or any other soft furnishings around the home then you are able to buy bulk linen fabric from us at Silk World.

What colours of linen fabric are available?

Our range of linen fabric is nothing short of brilliant. From your neutral tones such as different whites, creams and bone colours to deep chocolate and a thick standard black colour, we have plenty for those who are looking for something a little easier to wear. For those people who like to make a statement through colour, we have a gorgeous collection of brights too. Different hues of blues, greens, oranges, pinks, yellows and reds are available to make all your rainbow dreams come true.

Can you order linen fabric wholesale?

Yes, of course. All of our fabrics are able to be purchased in bulk and shipped to wherever you are. When you need linen fabric wholesale, Silk World should be your first choice. All you need to do to make a wholesale order is set up your trade account. Once you’ve done this we can supply you with the pricing structure for bulk orders. Get in touch with one of our wholesale agents in Australia, New Zealand or the United Kingdom or simply come in and visit us in our retail and wholesale showroom in Melbourne.

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Linen Peony/79
Regular price $28.80 per metre
    Linen Rose/80
    Regular price $28.80 per metre
      Linen Old Rose/34
      Regular price $28.80 per metre
        Linen Musk/117
        Regular price $28.80 per metre
          Linen Lipstick/63
          Regular price $28.80 per metre
            Linen Dusty Pink/104
            Regular price $28.80 per metre

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