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Nobouffant or well structured wedding dress or evening gown is complete without at least one or two layers of netting or tulle holding it. We have a wide range of nets and tulles available in different widths, textures and colour palettes. Our bridal tulle range comes in different weights which are helpful for different application purposes.


We also offer both plain bridal tulles and embellished bridal tulles that will be sure to bring that little extra sparkle for your big event. Our delicate yet durable nets can be used in a variety of different ways including veils, under skirt layers, overlays and even as an embroidered embellished. 

Is tulle and netting fabric the same thing?

The short answer is that tulle is a type of net fabric. Netting is a nylon fabric that has looped warp and weft fibres that create holes in the fabric and is quite stiff, making it useful for creating structure. Essentially, tulle is a special type of netting that has a lower denier and has a softer and finer appearance because the individual fibres are thinner. Netting fabrics, bridal tulle and other similar fabrics all come in different weights and are used for different parts of garments depending on the look you desire. Tulle usually has holes that are much smaller than a nylon netting and is able to be manipulated more easily. Netting is more commonly used in under garments and a fine silk wedding tulle for overlays and the outer of the gown.

What are the benefits of using tulle and net fabrics?

Tulle and netting are very versatile fabrics and can be manipulated easily when creating dresses or gowns. Tulle is most commonly known as the outer layers of a ballerinas tutu and the under layers that give form and structure are a stiffer nylon netting. When a garment needs to be voluminous, netting and tulle are your secret weapons. Tulle will drape well as a bridal veil or train and stiff nylon netting fabric will create a foundation for a petticoat, or used inside garments as interfacing. Tulle is also a fantastic way to make embellishments when it is embroidered or beaded. 

Does Silk World offer discounts for wholesale tulle and netting fabrics?

Yes we do. As Australia’s leading luxury fabrics specialists, we are the people you come to when you need wholesale tulle fabric or netting fabric. For bulk orders of tulle, bridal tulle and net fabric, order over 100+ meters you can contact us and we will give you our wholesale fabric pricing structure. Currently our wholesale agents operate across the UK, New Zealand and Australia. Make an appointment today. 

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Embroidered Floral Tulle (W52333) Ivory
Regular price $118.00 per metre
    Ruffled Tulle (V17113) Red
    Regular price $172.00 per metre
      Beaded Tulle (SWDot) Ivory
      Regular price $276.00 per metre
        Silk Tulle White
        Regular price $124.00 per metre
          Silk Tulle Black
          Regular price $124.00 per metre
            Bridal Tulle Black
            Regular price $386.75 per unit
              Polyester Tulle Tea Rose
              Regular price $22.00 per metre
                Beaded Tulle (K24712 Nude)
                Regular price $230.00 per metre
                  Embellished Tulle K24173 Gold
                  Regular price $390.00 $195.00 per metre
                    Embroidered Tulle (K23711) Beige
                    Regular price $134.00 $49.00 per metre
                      Bridal Net Black
                      Regular price $153.20 per unit

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