What is Duchess Satin and What is it Made Out Of?

Shiny, heavy and stiff while maintaining a luxurious look, duchess satin is fit for royalty - after all, that’s where its name is derived from. Once reserved for just European kings and queens, this fabric is now available to every dressmaker who seeks a unique look. Distinguishable from other types of satin, duchess has a much higher thread count, making it a popular and desirable choice for many dressmaking projects. Acquaint yourself with this luxe material as Silk World shares what duchess satin is, what it’s made of, and its many applications.

What is duchess satin made of?
Duchess satin is made of pure and natural silk yarn, which is created using slub yarns (this means the yarn has thick and thin areas.) What makes this fabric unique is that it has a pearly, semi-lustrous satin sheen. There really is no substitute when you want to create high-end, couture formal pieces.

What is the difference between duchess satin and satin?
There are many differences when it comes to these two types of satin fabrics. 
For one, duchess satin is heavier, stiffer, and has less lustre than standard satin. It can be dyed solid colours, and is used for formal dresses.
On the other hand, standard silk satin is smoother, repels moisture better, and is frequently used for bed linens due to its flexibility and silky texture. It can also be used for lingerie, nightwear, and blouses.

What can you create with duchess satin?
Due to its distinguishable fabric and the way it sits, duchess satin is mainly used in evening wear, women’s formal wear, bridesmaid dresses, and wedding gowns. When layered with other dressmaking fabrics, such as chiffon, georgette and organza, it creates an even more full look.

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