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London Fashion Week 2022 trending colours

London fashion week has now been and gone and left in it's wake a riot of colour, wild shapes, contrasting textures and all there is to offer in new ideas.


We dive into the most prominent colours to come out of the week, as well as some stand out pieces we matched some fabrics to.


 Soft Velvets and sparkly sequins

By Nensi Dojaka


Soft silk/rayon velvet in "Burgundy" and Sequined Tulle (VJ128522) in "Silver"


Living Large in Lavender 

By Bora Asku

This pastel tone is so soft and fun. This is the trending colour for this year, paired with frills, elegant lace, and layers of tulle.


Silk Dupion and linen, both in "Lavender"

Trending colours and names:

Candy Pink (Bubblegum), Cinnamon (Sudan Brown), Parrot (Fragile Sprout), Lavender (Orchid Bloom), Chocolate (Coffee Quartz)
Tiffany Silk Dupion (Cascade), Fiesta (Coral Rose), Oxford  Blue (Super Sonic), Yellow (Popcorn), Petal (Potpourri)


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